My name is Maria. I’m a 20 year old born and raised in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia. My passion for photography began in May of 2015, when I first bought a DSLR camera. Ever since, I haven’t been able to let go of it.

I was fortunate enough to travel throughout Europe and live abroad in Madrid for a year. I would stare in complete awe at something as seemingly normal as a narrow cobblestone street, feeling so thankful to be alive and experience something so few people my age ever get the chance to do. I’ve learned to see the world in a completely different way. Freezing time and capturing life’s perfect moments has become an undeniable passion.

My definition of a perfect moment:

Something which brings you complete and utter presence, a feeling of overwhelming gratitude. Seeing life as it is, stripped down to it’s very core, without the worries, thoughts, or concerns about yesterday and tomorrow. Something that brings such genuine indescribable happiness that makes you want to stay in that moment forever.

My dream is to capture the perfect moments of my life, and share the emotions I feel with you.